Tools I Use for Drawing and Designing Projects

Below I have included some of the different media I use to draw and design my projects. They are just some tools I find useful and that may help others!


SketchUp is a 3D modeling program computer program that has a wide range of applications from engineering, architecture, and design. I started to use this a few years ago when I wanted to design my room. Sketchup is super helpful for seeing my designs in 3D, I know it sounds overrated but seeing the design on multiple planes really helps.

Example of a mirror I designed in SketchUp.

Pen and Paper

The traditional and still my all-time favorite a pen and paper. I tend to find myself sketching in notebooks and on sticky notes at my desk. It is very quick and easy to jot down measurements or changes to the project. I have started to keep them in a DIY binder to keep them organized and not lose them… which has happened. I suggest keeping a small notebook or planner handy to write down and keep your ideas handy!

Hand drawn design for the TV stand I refurbished.

iPad Notes and Notability

I recently picked up a new iPad Pro for school and have found it quite useful for designing DIYs. I use apps Notes and Notability- Notes if free and comes on any IOS device, Notability on the other hand costs about $8.99 but is amazing for student note-taking! I use this as an expensive notepad but I find it a lot easier to adjust plans without having to redraw them. It also has a great camera to take before and after pictures!

Example of a plan drawn in Notability.

Chalk and Concrete
Yes, I know this sounds crazy but I draw on the garage floor. I always keep a box of colored chalk in my toolbox. I have used this method many times when dealing with a complicated layout or marking measurements out for cuts. I use different colors to mark out sections to paint or for different types of wood.

Chalk layout of a complicated mirror frame.

Comment below if you have another media or computer program that you use to help with your DIY projects! Or if you would like to see an in-depth of how I use them!

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