About Me

Madaline Andrasz

Office Administrator & D.I.Y. Enthusiast

Hey There!

I’m Madaline Andrasz! The creative and handy-woman behind Making it Mad.

Making it Mad: About Me

I am a part-time student, part-time desk job, and a full-time Do It Yourself-er. I fell in love with the creativity, hard work, and joy D.I.Y. brings to my life and hopefully to yours very soon. I have always been the crafty type, my favorite classes growing up were art, ceramics, and even welding! It wasn’t until high school that started to realize that this could be a full-time gig, something that I could do every day for the rest of my life.

My very first sell worthy project consisted of a few broken down Wine Barrel Planters and the need for some outdoor lighting…. “Light Bulb!” I turned those rusty galvanized rings into an outdoor chandelier! It took some trial and error to find the right components and a very secret materials connection that I had a product people loved and still purchase today.

My goal is to take something that would easily be ignored and bring it back to life. That may be in a completely different form or just to my style- Making it Mad. I value the creativity and enjoyment that doing it yourself brings.

All of my projects are designed and created out of my garage. Or my parents… depending on the tools and help needed.

What makes what I do different is my attention to detail and the heart I put into every piece. Every piece is unique, they may share similar designs but no two are the same. Creating these projects is a labor of love. I create them for the joy they bring me and to the people who take them home. 

This blog will be a creative space full of ideas, designs, How-tos and the occasional Mad-ness. (See what I did there!) I want to bring you along through the process, projects and the experiences in which make me happy. Along the way I hope to spark your creative side and share some of joy being a Do it Yourself-er.